Fitness Tips – The Basics to follow for the perfect Six-Pack

Attaining a proper six-pack is the aspiration of a lot of people who are passionate about fitness. Check out the basic things that you should definitely follow.


Almost all of us who are passionate about fitness have aspirations of acquiring the perfect set of abs. But finding success in it is certainly not the easiest thing in life. It requires a lot of motivation and commitment in order to attain a credible six pack. Mentioned below, are a few basics that everyone should resort to when in quest for the perfect six pack.


Intense Abdominal Workout

A lot of effort with regards to workout has to be concentrated in the abdominal area if you want the perfect set of abs. The structure of the abdominal muscles is similar to that of the muscle groups of other body parts like forearms, etc. Find a personal trainer so that he can best attend to your workout needs by bombarding the entire abdominal area with an ever increasing number of sets and repetitions from all angles and perspectives possible. You have to subject yourself to hardcore abdominal training for a consistent period of time in order to achieve the best possible results.

Concentrate on Cardio Sessions

A lot of you give up midway on not being completely satisfied with the appearance of your abs. This is because that there is a layer of fat that is stopping the abs from taking full effect. Cardio is a good way to keep the fat away. You must have seen your personal trainer push you to the cardio room, even when you have come for strength sessions. The key things to keep in mind while doing cardio include intensity and duration. You should ideally have a relentless attitude while doing cardio. This will only help you in acquiring the perfect abs.

A balanced diet is important

This is the case in a lot of aspects of maintaining body fitness and not just during ab-workout. Consult you nutrition specialist and he will tell you that the diet plays a major role in most of the things related to fitness. You should look to have the optimum quantity of carbohydrates along with the perfect proportion of protein to complement your overall diet perfectly. Another significant aspect of a balanced diet is the intake of optimum quantity of water. A balanced diet will make it easier for you to attain those perfect set of abs.

The Ideal Six-Pack Diet

Resorting to the ideal six pack diet is more than just important. As mentioned in the previous point, a balanced diet would be one with the optimum proportion of both carbs and proteins in it. Good carbohydrates like brown rice, oats, etc are good for the body and should definitely be a part of your diet. Studies have proved that having protein early in the day leads to favorable hormonal changes that considerably curbs the appetite. So, you should look to consume proteins for breakfasts. The ideal protein food source for a six pack diet would include yogurt, egg-whites, etc. You should completely look to ignore processed and packaged foods as they contain saturated fat, which can be disastrous to your six pack ambitions. Instead, opt for healthy fats that comprise of monounsaturated fats like olive oil, fish oil, etc.

These are a few basics that one must adhere to while looking to attain a set of six pack abs. If you are unsure of how to go about things, then you must take the valuable advice of a certified personal trainer and a certified nutrition specialist, who will definitely guide you efficiently.

Fitness Tips: Preventing Injuries During Workout

Injuries are a part and parcel of workout sessions in everybody’s life. Find out how you can prevent injuries while at the gym and during your workout session.

We are all prone to injuries, especially during a workout or when at the gym. We often wonder where did we go wrong? You must have had enough from your personal trainer asking you to keep it simple and maintain your basics in order to prevent injuries. Injuries are common but can be fatal in magnitude if you develop too casual an attitude while training or exercising. Prevention is definitely better than cure and effectively ensuring the following on a regular basis will definitely help you prevent injuries during a workout.


Adequate warm-up before Workout

Optimum amount of warm up exercises is important before every workout session. Usually warm ups are high-rep, low intensity exercises that helps in increasing the blood flow to the muscles. As a result, the overall temperature of the muscles, increase and they become more mobile and flexible. You can say that muscles, when properly warmed up are more elastic and much lesser prone to injuries like muscle pulls, cramps, etc. Thus, effectively performing the warm up exercises is essential before every workout session to prevent injuries. You should find a personal trainer for yourself if you are unsure about how to go about it yourself.

Optimum Levels of Training

You should first understand one thing clearly that overtraining does not yield quicker or more enhanced results. Needlessly overtraining will needlessly deplete your energy levels without too much of a marked improvement. A more than ordinary metabolism status depletes the levels of glycogen stores and does not allow the muscles to recuperate. This hinders the overall growth of the muscles, needless to say that it leaves you prone to injuries. A certified personal trainer will know exactly how much workout is required for your body and it is worthwhile to take it up as an advice. Avoiding overtraining definitely helps in staying injury free.

The Proper Attire is important

It is significant that you wear the proper attire to the gym. Now you might think that how much difference does it make with what clothes you wear. Well the answer is, ‘A lot‘. You can almost avoid few injuries completely of you are wearing the proper gear. For instance, during cardio sessions, try and get the perfect running shoes that best suits your body weight and figure. This can straight away eliminate potentially high risk ankle injuries and ligament tears. Shoes that are not perfectly designed for you may prove to be fatal, as while running you might lose your balance or twist your feet, etc.


Maintaining a Proper Diet

You must consult your certified nutrition specialist in order to strike the proper balance between carbs and proteins in your diet. A balanced diet with optimum quantity of both carbs and proteins is essential for the body. Your body needs to replenish the energy that it uses up during the workout session. A balanced diet is instrumental in rejuvenating the body with the required calories. This makes sure that you do not under-eat and go for a session as that can lead to injuries.

Rest and Recovery

You have to understand that at the end of the day, it’s your body and you have to allot considerable resting period to it. After the activities of the entire week, your body definitely deserves a day off. But that does not mean that you abuse your body by resorting to the most ‘delicious but unhealthy‘ meal ever. Just rest up and help your body recover from any spasms or stiffness that you might be carrying. This will help you conserve and restore your energy levels and you will be up and ready to hit the gym the next day.

Cardio from Home: An Essential Guide

Whether you make it to the gym or not, never skip your cardio session. Now burn calories & fat by resorting to the ‘at-home’ cardio guide. Here is what you can do.

We all know that Cardio is a major facet in the overall fitness routine. But with our busy schedule in place, it sometime happens that we are not able to make it to the gym. Does that mean that we skip our session for the day? No!! Consult your personal trainer and ask for at-home suggestions for cardio. He might ask you to do the following.

Heel kicks

Heel Kicks aids the hips and the quads. Both elbows should be bent at a 90 degree angle. You are required to stand on your left foot and simultaneously bring your left arm forward & push your right heel back towards your butt. Then the same with your right foot & hand while your left leg kicks back to the butt and then again vice versa and so on and so forth.

High Knees

High knees along with quads also aids the butt. Similar to heel kicks, the elbows should be bent to a 90 degree angle. While you stand on your right foot, you should raise your knees till hip height and at the same time bring your right arm forward. Then, alternatively, stand on your left foot and raise the right knees till your hips with your left arm forward. These are two very common suggestions that you might get.


Star Jumps

Your certified personal trainer must have told you about the star jump. All you need to do is put your arms by your side and stand tall with knees bent marginally. Then, jump up by extending both your hands and legs sideways to form a star like formation while you are in the air. The idea is to have a straight back and tight abs while performing the exercise. Remember to land softly on your way down without exerting too much pressure on your feet.



A calmer alternative in terms of energy required would be doing squats. Squats aid the thighs, hips and buttocks.To start, stand with your both feet kept wide apart from each other. Then, with both your hands stretched out in front to maintain balance, lower yourself by bending down your knees till at a right angle. The thighs should be parallel to the floor and the back should be kept straight.


Now many of you might not find cardio exercise as a popular option when at home. In that case, go for natural remedies. Forget techniques and what your personal trainer said, just put on your favorite track and start dancing till you drop. Clock yourself with a timer. It might just happen that you surpass the target that was set, and that too with ease because of the fun element involved. You might not even realise how many calories you have burnt.

Cardio Kickboxing

Another excellent form of cardiovascular fitness is cardio kickboxing. You must be having a DVD of the same. Put it to use. Follow the lunges, punches and squats that are exhibited in the video. Better yet, you can subscribe to a YouTube channel and subject yourself to free classes. Cardio Kickboxing helps you develop strength and increases your overall flexibility.

Contact Your Online Personal Trainer

Many of you might feel that you need proper guidance even when you are at home. This is when your online personal trainer will come in handy. You can sign in on a Skype chat and seek suggestions in real time. Your trainer might tell you how to go about the workout or even demonstrate. You can closely follow your trainer and repeat whatever is being demonstrated.

It’s needless to say that whether you make it to the gym or not, try not to miss out on your cardio sessions, even when at home.

Getting Toned: The Ideal Workout Plan for Women

Every woman wants to acquire a toned body despite of being skeptical of looking over muscular. Check out the ideal muscle building workout plan for a toned body.

Women who hit the gym in order to acquire a fit and toned body is already an impressive start for them. However, there still exists a good amount of reluctance among them when it comes to weight training. Well, your personal trainer will be happy to enlighten you with the perfect workout plan for women. It’s time to shed away the apprehension and get toned & fit. Here is what you should do.

Don’t neglect Cardio

Weight training does not mean that you completely forget about about cardio. Optimum levels of cardio perfectly complements your weight sessions. Cardio ensures that enough oxygen is delivered to the muscles which helps in shedding fat. A good 25 minutes of cardio thrice a week is good enough for your body. It should be kept in mind that the pace should be increased gradually. One should not press down the accelerator from Day 1.

Get toned with Moderate Weights to begin with

Getting in shape or getting toned along with good muscles should be the objective. The majority of women are skeptical about acquiring too much muscle and looking masculine. At this stage, the ideal muscle building workout plan for women would involve lifting moderate weights with short rest periods in between. This will enhance the fat burning capability of the individual. This is because the eventual objective at this stage is to diminish the levels of fat in the body, but at the same time lay the foundation for strong muscle building.

Workout Magnitude

Once the foundation has been laid, it is now time to further develop these muscles. In order to do so and acquire perfectly toned muscles, it is advisable that one resorts to a rep range of 10-12 reps. This should be the case when you are exclusively doing weights. The rep range can be increased accordingly during body exercises, especially the ones which does not require weights. The rep range can be increased during warm up sessions as well. It should be kept in mind that one should try and avoid doing weights during warm ups.

A little breather is necessary

It has to be understood that resting between each set of weight training and exercises is important as otherwise you will just be needlessly exhausting your body. A little bit of recovery time is essential for the body as well and thus a little break is important. Ideally, a break ranging between 45-90 seconds between sets of weight training is perfect. However, while performing sets of exercises, an extended pause for around 3 minutes is reasonable.

Things to absolutely ensure

A proper muscle building workout plan will always ensure that the same group of muscles is not concentrated upon on consecutive days. This is because muscles require a certain resting period to grow. This is why everyday of the workout plan is allocated for a separate set of muscles. The diet before the weight training should be properly allocated as well.
A certified nutrition specialist will always advise you to eat optimum amounts of proteins and crabs before workout as the body requires energy to endure long sessions of the workout. It is not advisable that you go for long or any workout session for that matter with an empty stomach as it significantly curtails the time of the workout as the body cannot endure long sessions as it requires energy to do so.

5 Reasons For Opting Online Personal Training

Online personal training offers a variety of advantages in the modern world. Finding a personal trainer now has become as easy as it gets. Check out the latest breakthrough in the fitness world.

The prospect of going to a gym may seem unappealing after a point of time. However, the objective of acquiring fitness lives on. Online Personal Training ensures that one can fulfill all ambitions with regards to attaining the perfect body without having to be physically present at the gym. Let us have a look at the few advantages that online personal training has to offer.


It’s cheaper than you think

Getting the services of a personal trainer can be expensive especially for mediocre people. Not only that, often satisfactory services cannot be received from them because of their tight schedules. An online personal trainer, on the other hand, provides professional insight and services at a much more affordable rate. Whether it’s a muscle building workout plan or cardio directives, Online Personal Training ensures value for money by eliminating unnecessary expenditure. At the same time, no compromise is done on the credibility of the online personal trainer as the training provided is of a world class standard.


In the case of online training, one does not have to comply with going to the gym at a particular hour in order to get the services from a particular trainer. Online training allows one to allot time for his/her workout according to the day’s schedule. One can workout whenever time permits and there is nothing hard and fast about sticking to a particular time frame.

Destination Workout

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one got a chance to decide the place of workout? Availing services of an online personal trainer allows one to pick and choose the location of choice. Internet enabled devices like i-pads, mobiles, etc enables one to be in touch with their trainers online via skype or other messengers from their chosen location. For example- one might have the urge to workout in the park owing to the overcast surroundings instead of the gym. Online Personal Training makes it possible.

Ease of Access

Interaction and communication with the online trainer is easily convenient as they are always accessible either via phone calls, e-mails, messengers or video calls. A client has the liberty to pick the minds of the professionals multiple times to know what the pertinent workout plan or list of nutrients should be and intimate them on their progress. A lot of exclusiveness prevail in these interactions as conversations are usually one on one unlike that of an in-person trainer who sometimes might have to provide feedbacks in group sessions.

Obligation of Personal Trainers

The Global technological boom suggests a bright future ahead for business in the category of online training. For this purpose, all the professional trainers will look to attain a wide client base by ensuring high-quality training and services. If quality in the training imparted is compromised with, then it will become difficult for them to establish their worth and attain new clients. Therefore, it is more an obligation on the trainer’s part to make sure that they provide the best of services to the people online.

Online Personal Training is all set to be the next big breakthrough in the category of the fitness business. Not only will it help individuals to cater to their fitness needs in a convenient and cost-effective way, but also ensure that the professional trainers across the globe reach out to a wider mass by enhancing the various important aspects of how one can stay fit.