Getting Toned: The Ideal Workout Plan for Women

Every woman wants to acquire a toned body despite of being skeptical of looking over muscular. Check out the ideal muscle building workout plan for a toned body.


Women who hit the gym in order to acquire a fit and toned body is already an impressive start for them. However, there still exists a good amount of reluctance among them when it comes to weight training. Well, your personal trainer will be happy to enlighten you with the perfect workout plan for women. It’s time to shed away the apprehension and get toned & fit. Here is what you should do.

Don’t neglect Cardio

Weight training does not mean that you completely forget about about cardio. Optimum levels of cardio perfectly complements your weight sessions. Cardio ensures that enough oxygen is delivered to the muscles which helps in shedding fat. A good 25 minutes of cardio thrice a week is good enough for your body. It should be kept in mind that the pace should be increased gradually. One should not press down the accelerator from Day 1.

Get toned with Moderate Weights to begin with

Getting in shape or getting toned along with good muscles should be the objective. The majority of women are skeptical about acquiring too much muscle and looking masculine. At this stage, the ideal muscle building workout plan for women would involve lifting moderate weights with short rest periods in between. This will enhance the fat burning capability of the individual. This is because the eventual objective at this stage is to diminish the levels of fat in the body, but at the same time lay the foundation for strong muscle building.

Workout Magnitude

Once the foundation has been laid, it is now time to further develop these muscles. In order to do so and acquire perfectly toned muscles, it is advisable that one resorts to a rep range of 10-12 reps. This should be the case when you are exclusively doing weights. The rep range can be increased accordingly during body exercises, especially the ones which does not require weights. The rep range can be increased during warm up sessions as well. It should be kept in mind that one should try and avoid doing weights during warm ups.

A little breather is necessary

It has to be understood that resting between each set of weight training and exercises is important as otherwise you will just be needlessly exhausting your body. A little bit of recovery time is essential for the body as well and thus a little break is important. Ideally, a break ranging between 45-90 seconds between sets of weight training is perfect. However, while performing sets of exercises, an extended pause for around 3 minutes is reasonable.

Things to absolutely ensure

A proper muscle building workout plan will always ensure that the same group of muscles is not concentrated upon on consecutive days. This is because muscles require a certain resting period to grow. This is why everyday of the workout plan is allocated for a separate set of muscles. The diet before the weight training should be properly allocated as well.
A certified nutrition specialist will always advise you to eat optimum amounts of proteins and crabs before workout as the body requires energy to endure long sessions of the workout. It is not advisable that you go for long or any workout session for that matter with an empty stomach as it significantly curtails the time of the workout as the body cannot endure long sessions as it requires energy to do so.