Fitness Tips: Preventing Injuries During Workout

Injuries are a part and parcel of workout sessions in everybody’s life. Find out how you can prevent injuries while at the gym and during your workout session.


We are all prone to injuries, especially during a workout or when at the gym. We often wonder where did we go wrong? You must have had enough from your personal trainer asking you to keep it simple and maintain your basics in order to prevent injuries. Injuries are common but can be fatal in magnitude if you develop too casual an attitude while training or exercising. Prevention is definitely better than cure and effectively ensuring the following on a regular basis will definitely help you prevent injuries during a workout.


Adequate warm-up before Workout

Optimum amount of warm up exercises is important before every workout session. Usually warm ups are high-rep, low intensity exercises that helps in increasing the blood flow to the muscles. As a result, the overall temperature of the muscles, increase and they become more mobile and flexible. You can say that muscles, when properly warmed up are more elastic and much lesser prone to injuries like muscle pulls, cramps, etc. Thus, effectively performing the warm up exercises is essential before every workout session to prevent injuries. You should find a personal trainer for yourself if you are unsure about how to go about it yourself.

Optimum Levels of Training

You should first understand one thing clearly that overtraining does not yield quicker or more enhanced results. Needlessly overtraining will needlessly deplete your energy levels without too much of a marked improvement. A more than ordinary metabolism status depletes the levels of glycogen stores and does not allow the muscles to recuperate. This hinders the overall growth of the muscles, needless to say that it leaves you prone to injuries. A certified personal trainer will know exactly how much workout is required for your body and it is worthwhile to take it up as an advice. Avoiding overtraining definitely helps in staying injury free.

The Proper Attire is important

It is significant that you wear the proper attire to the gym. Now you might think that how much difference does it make with what clothes you wear. Well the answer is, ‘A lot‘. You can almost avoid few injuries completely of you are wearing the proper gear. For instance, during cardio sessions, try and get the perfect running shoes that best suits your body weight and figure. This can straight away eliminate potentially high risk ankle injuries and ligament tears. Shoes that are not perfectly designed for you may prove to be fatal, as while running you might lose your balance or twist your feet, etc.


Maintaining a Proper Diet

You must consult your certified nutrition specialist in order to strike the proper balance between carbs and proteins in your diet. A balanced diet with optimum quantity of both carbs and proteins is essential for the body. Your body needs to replenish the energy that it uses up during the workout session. A balanced diet is instrumental in rejuvenating the body with the required calories. This makes sure that you do not under-eat and go for a session as that can lead to injuries.

Rest and Recovery

You have to understand that at the end of the day, it’s your body and you have to allot considerable resting period to it. After the activities of the entire week, your body definitely deserves a day off. But that does not mean that you abuse your body by resorting to the most ‘delicious but unhealthy‘ meal ever. Just rest up and help your body recover from any spasms or stiffness that you might be carrying. This will help you conserve and restore your energy levels and you will be up and ready to hit the gym the next day.